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Sneek Peaks - Agents of Future
£4.00 = $6.44 = €4.38
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Sneek Peaks - Agents of Future
Ref No. AOF001
Sometimes described as 'Garage Gospel' this collection of recordings captures the energy and passion of this extraordinary band. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, these creative musicians and singers represent a community that stands for inclusivity and justice.

If you like contemplative, gentle music, don't buy it! On the other hand, if you want to have your heart rate raised and leap about enthusiastically with total abandon, then this is definitely for you!
Additional Features
  1. You can change my mind
  2. Nothing in the Way
  3. Perfect Love
  4. I've tasted You
  5. Did what You promised
  6. Peace on its feet
  7. Drawn breath
  8. Clockwork
  9. Sewn in my skin
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